Frequently Asked Questions

User Assistance

  1. How do I get an account?

    Students and Lecturers who are registered with SIM GE's In House programme or certain programmes from University of London and University of Stirling will automatically get an account. Your respective Higher Education Administrative Departments will post details on your account login on SIMConnect.

    SIMGE-UPH Students, Lecturers and Tutors will recieve a system generated email with your account details from lmssupport.

  2. What is my user id and password?

    For Students:

      All Students
    Mymail account
    D2L User ID petertan001
    D2L Password Same as SIMConnect password

    Updating your SIMConnect password will immediately update your D2L password. If you are unable to log into D2L with your updated SIMConnect password, pls check to ensure that you did not add extra spaces or characters before or after your password.

    SIMGE-UPH Students, Lecturers and Tutors:

    Please check with the International Development Department.

  3. How do I log in?

    In your browser, go to
    Key in your user id and password.

  4. What do I do once I am logged in?

    Once you have logged in, you will be brought to the My Home page.

    1. Do change your profile picture so that your lecturers can easily recognise you.

      Pls refer to guide, page 7: Click here

    2. Pls set up notifications so that you will be kept in the loop regarding course activities.

      Pls refer to guide, page 8 to 10: Click here

  5. How do I change my password?
    1. For users with SIMConnect account, your eGlobal LMS password is controlled by your SIMConnect password

      To reset SIMConnect password: Click here

    2. For users without SIMConnect account, your eGlobal LMS password can be changed upon login.

      Pls refer to guide: Click here

      To request for Password reset link: Click here

    3. For SIM Staff, your eGlobal LMS password is controlled by your windows login password.
  6. What is the Home page?

    The Home page is the first page you see when you log in.

    On the Home page, you will see the:

    • News related to the D2L system
    • Courses/modules you are enrolled to
    • Calendar - contains information on upcoming events in your various courses.
  7. What happens if I encounter a technical error?

    Please take a screen capture of your technical error and email to

  8. What happens if my page hangs/ What happens if I have problems loading the page?

    Please refresh your page by using the browser's refresh button or using the F5 key on your keyboard.

  9. How do I email my lecturer from D2L?

    Click here on instructions how to email your lecturers. Do note that you cannot email fellow students due to Singapore's PDPA.

Course Related

  1. I can't find my courses. Where are they?

    You can locate the courses you are enrolled to by clicking on the course selector at the top left corner or at the My Course widget at the top right hand corner of your My Home page.

    Course Related

    You will only see the Role dropdown menu under My Courses (eg. ), if you are enrolled to multiple courses with more than 1 role.

  2. Why don't I see my course in D2L?

    If you are unable to see an eLearning course/ subject/ module that you are supposed to be enrolled into, please check with your lecturer on the availability dates. Different eLearning courses have different start and end dates.

    If the eLearning course has commenced and you are still unable to see it, please email us at with the course name and intake, your user id and student id.

  3. I see a course listed in D2L that I am no longer (or never have been) registered for.

    Please email us at with your programme name and intake, the D2L course name, and your user id and student id.

  4. I have a question about my course or the course material. Who should I ask?

    Your first point of contact for any questions pertaining to the course or course material (e.g. Content, Due Dates) will be your lecturer.

  5. Can I return directly to my last viewed page the next time I login?

    No. The next time you log in, you will still see the My Home page first.

    Within your D2L course, the content button or the content browser will remember your last viewed section.

  6. How do I know when my online activities are due?

    1. My Home page

      The calendar section, located at the bottom right side of the page, will list the first 10 upcoming events. If there are more than 10 upcoming events, there will be a "Show More..." link. Click on the link to view more upcoming events.

      Note: Will only appear for In House programmes once student has acknowledged the acknowledgement forms for dropbox and quiz.

    2. Course Home page

      The calendar section, located at the bottom right side of the page,will list the due dates of the course related activities.

      Note: Will only appear for In House programmes once student has acknowledged the acknowledgement forms for dropbox and quiz.


  1. How do I see my alerts?

    Students can find their alerts at the top of every page within D2L

  2. What kind of alerts are available?
    Icon Description Function
    Message Alerts

    Update students that there are new emails within the D2L system
    (Note: D2L is activated as a postage service. All mails sent from D2L is sent direct to the receiver's mymail email)

    Update Alerts

    Update students on:
    New and updated news posts
    Updated course materials
    (Note: Lecturer has to enable this option )
    (Note: If you have incomplete quiz, this update will not show until you have read the update on incomplete quiz)
    Upcoming dropbox and quiz end dates
    (Note: In house programmes’ students need to acknowledge the respective acknowledgement form first)
    Incomplete/ Not properly submitted quiz
    Released and updated grades

    Subscription Alerts Update students on:
    New discussion posts in forums, topics, and specific message threads a student subscribed to

    A red circle will appear on the appropriate icon if you have unread alerts:


  1. How do I set notifications?

    Pls refer to guide, page 8 to 10: Click here

Classroom Recordings

Click here on instructions on how to access your lecture/ classroom recordings. Do note that not all classes have been selected for classroom recordings

If you are using Chrome to access your recordings, you may encounter some issues viewing the recording due to flash issues. Please click here on instructions on how to enable flash.

Online Activities - Quiz

  1. What are the best practices for taking online tests?

    • Take note of the due date and give yourself lots of time. Do not wait until the last minute
    • Take your exam during Help Desk hours so that if you encounter problems, there will be someone available to help you.
    • Make sure you have a dependable internet connection- if possible WIRED rather than wireless.
    • Make sure you are using a supported browser.
    • Read the instructions carefully before you start the quiz. If your quiz has a time limit, once you start the quiz, the timer will continue to run until your time expires. So DO NOT take a break if your quiz has a time limit.
    • If your computer hangs, or you lose internet connection, the timer will continue to count down. Quickly log into Desire2Learn and resume the test!
    • DO NOT use your browser back and forward buttons. Always navigate by using the navigation buttons within Desire2Learn.
    • Click the Save button after every question!
    • Submit your quiz once completed. Take a screen shot of your submission page in case there is ever a question about your submission.
    • If your quiz prevent back tracking and you accidentally click the submit button, we will need to delete your attempt to allow you to retake the quiz.

  2. How do I submit a quiz on D2L?

    Pls click on the link below to view a short Prezi presentation on quiz submission:

    Presentation on Quiz Submission

    Pls refer to guide, page 2 to 6: Click Here

    IMPORTANT: Pls ensure that your quiz has been submitted properly or no marks will be given

  3. Will the quiz timer pause if I exit the quiz?

    No. The quiz timer will continue ticking the moment you open the quiz.

    This means that if your computer shuts down, you get disconnected from the internet, or if you exit the quiz etc, the timer will continue ticking.

    If you lose connection with the quiz for any reason, quickly reassess the quiz to minimise elapse time and continue attempting the questions.

    Pls refer to guide, page 7: Click Here

  4. What do I do if I encounter problems while taking a test, quiz, or assessment?

    If you encounter any problem, you should try the below troubleshooting steps in this order:

    1. Clear browser cache and restart the browser to re-attempt quiz.
    2. Try another browser
    3. Update the java version

    If the problem is not resolved after following the above troubleshooting steps, take a screen shot and email to

  5. How do I see my quiz submission?

    1. Click on quizzes from the Assessments dropdown menu.

    2. In the Quiz List, under Attempts, you will be able to see how many attempts you have completed over the allowed attempts. Eg. CA4 only allows for 1 attempt and you have completed 0 out of 1 attempt.

  6. How do I see my quiz feedback?

    Click on quizzes from the Assessments dropdown menu.

    Pls refer to guide, page 8: Click Here

  7. How do I see my score?

    Certain programmes do not allow their online quizzes to release the score to students.

    There are 2 methods to see your results depending on quiz settings.

    Method 1

    1. For quizzes that allow students to view their grades, click on quizzes from the Assessments dropdown menu.

    2. Click on the dropdown arrow besides each quiz and select submissions to view results.

    Method 2

    1. Click on Grades from the Assessments dropdown menu.

    2. View marks for grade items that are visible to you. Do note that you may not be able to see the marks for all your grade items/ CAs.

Online Activities - Dropbox

  1. What is the Dropbox and how do I use it?

    Dropbox is a private place for you to upload files/ assignments for your Lecturers. To submit your file/ assignments, pls refer to guide, page 2 to 6 (point 5) : Click Here

    • File size limit: 40 MB
    • Supported file formats:
      • Microsoft Word® (DOC and DOCX)
      • Corel WordPerfect®
      • HTML
      • Adobe PostScript®
      • Plain text (TXT)
      • Rich Text Format (RTF)
      • Portable Document Format (PDF)
      • Hangul (HWP)
      • Powerpoint (PPT and PPTS)
      Note: Students using Mac OS should note that sometimes the format within Office Mac does not correlate correctly. Recommendation is to use:
      • Mac for word
      • save the file as .txt file
    Please ensure that you submit your assignment before the cut off timing. If your assignment is submitted too close to the cut of time, you may not be able to submit successfully and may get an error page instead.
  2. How do I ensure that my dropbox submission is successful?

    pls refer to guide, page 6 (point 6) : Click Here

  3. How do I check my Originality Report?

    Depending on your lecturers, certain dropbox folders may have Plagiarism Detection enabled on it. This means that your assignment will be checked through the Turnitin database for originality. Your lecturer may or may not choose to reveal the originality report % to you.

    To view your originality report, pls refer to guide, page 9 to 12: Click Here

    IMPORTANT: Please make sure you receive the Originality Report after your submission. It will take about 15 minutes to 24 hours to be ready. If you do not see the report after 1 day, please email

    Students are responsible for making sure that their Originality Report is generated. Submission penalties will apply if students do not email to alert us in the event that the Originality Report is not generated.

  4. My lecturer has given feedback for my submitted assignment. How do I view my feedback?

    Once your lecturer has given feedback, within your Course Home page, you will be alerted under the Updates section.

    Pls refer to guide, page 8 to 9: Click Here

eBooks and Personalised Learning

  1. What are eBooks and Personalised Learning?

    Some modules will have access to digital textbooks (eBooks). These eBooks come with personalized learning features where you will be able to learn the content through tutorials, quizzes, homework, case studies, rich media and customized study plan. Some modules may include these features in your CAs.

  2. User guides for Students
    1. Cengage

      Managerial Accounting

      User guide on Cengage's Learning Platform, CengageNow:

      • Click here for DMSAF students (6 months/ Semester)
      • Click here for DMSQF students (3 months/ Semester)

      Programmes using Cengage are:

      • Diploma in Management Studies
      Cengage Technical Support:
    2. McGraw Hill

      Business Management & Communication

      User guide on McGraw Hill's Learning Platform, Connect: Click here

      Programmes using:

      • Diploma in Accounting
      • Diploma in International Business
      • Diploma in Banking and Finance
      Principles of Marketing

      User guide onMcGraw Hill's Learning Platform, Connect: Click here

      Programmes using Pearson are:

      • Diploma in Management Studies
      • Diploma in Accounting
      • Diploma in International Business
      • Diploma in Banking and Finance
      McGraw Hill Technical Support:
    3. BPP Learning Media

      User guide on how to access the ebook: Click here

      Programmes using BPP Learning Media are:

      • Diploma in Management Studies


  1. What is MYOB

    MYOB is an accounting software.

  2. User guides for Students

    Coming soon..

  3. Software Download
    • Click here to download. Zip file will commence download.
    • Go to the folder you saved the file to. Typically this is Downloads folder in your computer unless another folder is set as default
    • Unzip the file
    • Double click on the exe file to install

Self Enrolment into Groups

Click here on instructions on how to self enrol into groups. Do note that certain subjects do not allow for self enrolment.

Printing/Downloading Notes/Files from D2L

The method for printing/ downloading your notes/files from D2L depends on how your lecturer uploaded the files.

Method 1: Click here for instructions
Method 2: Click here for instructions

Viewing Grades in D2L

Click here for instructions on how to view your CA marks in D2L.

D2L Pulse App

The D2L Pulse app gives you an overview of important dates and deadlines for each course. You can filter which courses you want to take note of.

It gives you updates on changes to content, news and grades. Where needed, the app will direct you to open the activity in your mobile phone's/ tablet's browser. Additionally, you can create personal to do list

For lecturers, you can share these updates with other students via instant message, email, or social media.

Example: You are notified on an upcoming quiz, when you click on it, you will be directed to open this activity in your mobile phone's/ tablet's browser. You do not need to sign in again on when you are redirected to the browser

User guide on D2L's Pulse App: Click here

Operating System support: Click here Page 13


Click here on instructions on how to use the ePortfolio tool

D2L Mobile

Instead of accessing the Pulse App, users can choose to directly open D2L using their mobile phone's browser.

  1. How do I access D2L from my mobile phone?

    On your mobile device, open a browser and key in
    Key in your login credentials on the login page

  2. How do I get to my subject's course site?

    On the Home page, you will see a list of events related to your course sites and system news.

    To navigate to your subjects' course sites, click on the dropdown arrow and then click on your desired subject.

  3. How do I get to navigate around in my subject's course site?

    On the Course Home, you will see a list of events and news related to that particular subject/ course.

    To navigate around your course site and your content, click on the button as indicated in the picture below to pull up the menu

    Note: Students may have problems viewing notes on iPad and iPhones.

Platform Requirements

  1. What are the system requirements to run an online course?

    You should have no problems accessing Desire2Learn as long as you have a compatible browser and internet connection.
    Please run the system check ( to ensure you have the required plug ins.

  2. System and software requirements

      Required Recommended
    Operating system

    Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 Mac OS X

    Windows 7 Mac OS X v10.7 (Lion)


    Minimum resolution of 1024 x 600

    Resolution of 1024 x 768 or greater

    Internet speed

    56K modem

    56K or cable modem, DSL

    Java Runtime Environment (JRE)

    JRE 1.6.x (Required to run the Equation Editor)

    JRE 6 update 31
    JavaScript Enabled Enabled
    Cookies Enabled Enabled

  3. Browser Support for Desktop, Tablet and Mobile

    Click here Page 10

  4. What kind of internet connection is required?

    To access Desire2Learn, students require an internet connection of at least 56 kbit/s dial up modem but broadband connection such as cable or DSL would be better.


CAs Proccess for Exam Department
(Finalised Grades file)

Due to the sensitivity of information, you will need to log into D2L to access the following information:

  1. Process Flow
  2. Lecturers' Next Steps

Singapore Institute of Management Pte. Ltd. reserves the right to take legal action against party or parties deemed to have violated any of its intellectual properties and/or copyrights under the relevant laws in Singapore.

Updated: 27 November 2017